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The Plan

One Artist. One Wheel. One Dream.


To promote my new album and help my hometown's Bicentennial Festival get more exposure; I am going to film myself riding a unicycle while playing the guitar and singing - all at the same time. This footage will serve as the music video for my song 'Beautiful Brick.'

July, 17 in Shelbyville, TN I have been permitted the opportunity to film my 'One Dream' music video at the Bicentennial Festival. The square will be blocked off to traffic, and having a bunch of people in the background while I ride through the streets will make the end result look even better.

There is a lot of preparation, planning, and practice for this very simple idea, and I am going to try my best to document this journey. From creating this website, to making a press release for different news outlets, to trying to get on local tv (either by being a guest on a show or via television commercial); I will try to keep everyone up to date on the entire process.

I want to make this as community oriented as possible, and engage my fans and friends as best I can. Because ultimately I need your help to make this go big, so why not be a part of this? Have some ideas on how I can get more publicity? Or have any other ideas that might be useful, or want to sponsor me? Please feel free to email me with your ideas: Or join the facebook group and start a discussion:

The breakdown of want I want to accomplish and how:

1. Shoot one continuous shot of me riding the unicycle while playing the song (the full length of the song without falling down or missing lines/chords)

2. Record this from a tripod setup in the back of a golf cart that I can follow behind

3. Play the studio version of the song loud enough so that I can hear and sing/play a long with it so that later I can overdub the studio version when I edit the final movie

4. Get everybody at the festival who wishes to participate to follow walking behind me once I ride by them

5. Pass all the major landmarks on our cute little town square in the process (thanks to the route I've mapped out)

6. Attempt to create a local buzz in preparation of this promotion (local papers and tv stations) to help draw people to the filming

7. Create a national buzz via the finished product: a video that showcases what happens with hard work, creativity, and support from your community

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